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Paul John Bold Whisky

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Bold is a single malt whisky for peat lovers that hails from India.

This noteworthy peaty spirit is similar in style to an Islay Scotch but with distinctive flavors all its own. It is copper pot-distilled, non chill-filtered, and aged on the warm west coast, in Goa, where the climate accelerates the interaction of the spirit with the casks.

India is fast becoming one to watch in the world of whisky producers. Be one of the first to try this excellent Single Malt from Paul John. Shop the full Paul John Collection.

750ml & 92 Proof

Tasting Notes Aromas of toasted barley, citrus peel, Manuka honey, licorice, and brown sugar. Silky on the palette with oak-tinged honey, spice, and a cloudy smokiness the will be familiar to Islay peat lovers. The finish lingers, with mocha, peat and pepper oak.

Ways to Enjoy
Classic: Sip straight, with a dash of water, or on the rocks

Unexpected: Try a Bold Sour: add honey, lime, orange juice, ginger & Angostura bitters

Gold, World Whiskies Awards, 2020
Double Gold, Singapore Worlds Spirits Competition, 2019
Production Notes

Bold is created using Islay peat imported from Scotland.  It is copper-pot distilled and non chill-filtered. No additives ever.

Paul John Single Malts are made from 6-row barley grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Though it has a lower yield than 2-row barley, which is what most of the rest of the industry uses, 6-row barley is higher in both protein and fiber, lending a bold depth of character to the spirit. The 6-row barley also imparts a slightly more oily mouthfeel, which contributes to the whisky's silky taste.

Specially-designed copper pot stills with long necks create fruitier spirits. The double distillation ensures there is prolonged contact with the copper, giving it a distinct, rich, and full-bodied flavor.

The spirit is aged in once-used American oak bourbon barrels imported from the US.

Founder Facts A new single malt tradition is being born in India, at the John distilleries in Goa. Paul John, the owner of one of the most well-known Indian whisky producers, has always been fascinated by Scotland's Single Malts. Along with Master Distiller Michael D'Souza, he set out to craft a fine Indian Single Malt that would enthrall even the truest whisky connoisseur, but with a character all its own. The result is Paul John Single Malt Whisky. 

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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