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ODVI Armagnac

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ODVI (pronounced eau-de-vie, a play on words) is a stunning, modern interpretation of Armagnac ready to be discovered by American spirits lovers.

This cousin of cognac (Armagnac is less well-known outside of France but actually more prestigious within the country) is France's oldest distilled spirit, predating cognac by 150 years. 

Here it gets a thoroughly modern treatment with this gorgeous bottle and a delightful fresh and juicy taste. Because it hasn't been popularized through export like cognac, Armagnac is naturally small-batch and has a wider variance in taste and style than you'll typically find from its more mainstream counterpart.

Though Armagnac is most frequently sipped, ODVI was crafted with the cocktail lover in mind to be ideal for both sipping and mixing.

Let ODVI light the way in exploring this wonderful newest, oldest spirit.

750ml & 84 Proof

Tasting Notes
Fresh and fruit-forward, peppery and mild. A balanced sweet and dry. Notes of prune and peach. Bold in character with structure in the body, which makes it excellent for cocktails.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: sip neat after dinner

Unexpected: Make an ODVI Sidecar or an ODVI Old-Fashioned

Production Notes

ODVI is made from a blend of 3 different grapes: 45% Baco, 40% Ugni Blanc, and 15% Folle Blanche. Each has its own characteristics which differ depending on the soil in which it grows. Armagnac is a result of one continuous distillation of the white wine from these grapes. After the distillation, it is aged for two years in oak barrels which come from the forests of Gascony in Southwest France. 

The eaux-de-vie rest in new barrels first and then are transferred to older barrels where they continue their slow evolution. In the cellar temperature, humidity, thermal variation, and ventilation all influence the quality of the spirit's aging, and are part of what makes each Armagnac distinctive.

The goal is a smooth Armagnac, in contrast to wine. The cellar master carefully monitors the evolution of his eaux-de-vie to avoid excess tannins, unwanted oxidation, or too much evaporation.

This smooth, fruity and peppery spirit is now just waiting to be savored.

Terroir To be an Armagnac, the spirit must be made from grapes grown in  Gascony, in Southwest France. It's an agricultural region, known for its rich cuisine and classic gastronomy. The grapes are grown on small family farms and most frequently distilled on-site, once a season, as with wine. 

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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