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Lunar Plum Hard Seltzer

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(1) 4 Pack of 12oz cans & 4.8% Alc/vol

Meet Lunar.  The first craft hard seltzers made with real, premium fruits and ingredients from Asia.  These seltzers were actually designed to be paired with Asian cuisine, but they also make an ideal mixer in cocktails and are pretty great for beach lounging, too. 

The refreshingly spritz-y plum expression has all the pleasing flavor of the traditional Korean "maesil cha" but is just a bit less sweet which makes that plum taste pop! 

Tasting Notes Earthy, honeyed
Ways to Enjoy
Classic: Aperitif style, with your favorite Korean barbecue
Unexpected: Try the Ume Highball
Production Notes
Made with real Korean plum syrup, these fruits are first fermented into a sweet, woody, and fragrant syrup that is then used to create this delicious craft hard seltzer.
Founder Facts
Two Asian-American friends both wondered why the flavors of their childhood weren't anywhere to be seen when it came to hard seltzer. 
So, of course, they set out to change that!  They got to work brewing until they'd mixed up a set of craft seltzers that they and their whole crew could get behind. They call these craft hard seltzers Asian Americana, because that's how they characterize the variety. of flavors and Asian cuisines that they grew up on. 


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Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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