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Fortaleza Tequila Reposado

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About Fortaleza Tequila Reposado

This Reposado has a beautiful vegetal, savory quality.  It delivers a well-rounded flavor that lets the agave shine through the oak. The degree to which this is agave-forward will come as a welcome surprise given its aging. It's added character that you can taste.

"Tequila Fortaleza from Tequila, Mexico. This brand is everything that is right about craft spirits. Family brand, years of experience, the best ingredients, and prepared the right way." - Wink Report

750ml & 80 Proof

Tasting Notes Earthy cinnamon, caramel, butterscotch, cooked agave, anise, and citrus, including notes of olive and butter.

Ways to Enjoy

Classic: you don't like to suggest something other than sipping, but this does make a too-good-to-be-true margarita

Unexpected: Grapefruit and lime juice with Americano Cocchi Rosa, & Reposado. Top with a sprig of rosemary for an excellent Grapefruit & Rosemary

92/100 - Distiller.com
Production Notes
This Reposado starts with the exceptional Tequila Blanco, which is rested in American oak for 6-8 months. (Longer than you find for the typical Reposado, which tends to be only 3-5 months aged.)

Production methods are strictly old-world, as befits a distillery with this family history. Brick horno oven cooked, tahona stone crushed. Small wood vat for fermenting and distillation in copper stills. Finally aged in American oak for 6-8 months for a rewarding, silky, and totally balanced spirit.
Tequiliana Weber agaves are harvested from El Valle (the lowlands) in the town of Tequila. The distillery is NOM 1493.
Founder Facts
Fortaleza (which means fortitude) was founded in 2005 by Guillermo Sauza, the great great grandson of Don Cenobio Sauza. Don Cenobio is known as the father of Tequila, founder of the Sauza family of tequilas and the first person to import tequila to the USA in the late 1800s. Though the original distillery was sold in the late 1980s, Guillermo Sauza started anew in 2015. The present pays great tribute to the pastbuilding on the old traditions to become what Tequila Fortaleza is today: an essential tequila for the tequila aficionado or connoisseur.

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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