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The Real McCoy 12 Year 100th Anniversary Limited Edition

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A 12-year aged rum at 100 proof from the best-kept-secret in the business, The Real McCoy. This is the brand's highest proof bottling ever and, as always, it's totally unadulterated.

This limited edition has been christened Prohibition Tradition, in a cheeky commemoration of the Prohibition Era, which began 100 years ago this year. Prohibition was bad news for spirits lovers, but good news for Bill McCoy, as it launched his rum running career. 100 proof for 100 years.

Order soon, as there are only 6000 bottles of this Limited Edition, and it won't be produced again.

750ml & 100 Proof

Tasting Notes Expect pronounced wood and spice notes, balanced with hints of vanilla, nutmeg & toasted caramel and that familiar dry bourbon finish

Ways to Enjoy
Classic: sip straight or on the rocks

Unexpected: stir into an Old Fashioned
Limited Edition release!
Production Notes This is a blend of rum aged 12 full years in American oak ex-bourbon barrels and rum aged 12 Years in virgin oak casks. Nothing added, ever.  Just the excellent alchemy of Barbados spring water, rum, and time. 
Founder Facts

The story begins with a man named Bill McCoy, a pioneer rum runner. During Prohibition, he would fill his boat with liquor from the Caribbean and run it up to New York City, where he’d anchor just a little bit more than three miles off shore, staying in international waters so he was able to sell spirits legally.

These bottles became known as “The Real McCoy,” because they were so superior to the swill being produced in the US under the cover of night. That's where we get the expression, and that's where this exceptional rum gets it name.

Its modern interpretation comes from Founder and CEO of the Real McCoy Spirits Company, Bailey Pryor, who produced an Emmy-award winning documentary about Bill McCoy and was so inspired by the story that he decided to resurrect the man’s original rum recipe and put it into production.

All Real McCoy rums are produced at the highly regarded Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, who also happened to supply Bill McCoy back when he was making his runs. 


Barbados has two advantages when it comes to rum production: climate and water.

Over 85% of Barbados is coral limestone, which naturally filters the island's water, producing an unrivaled quality that is key to the rum it makes.

As well, its year-round 85°F temperature means much more annual evaporation loss ("angel's share") than a place like Scotland, Kentucky, or Europe. This results in greater interaction of the distillate with the lignins & tannins of barrel wood, enhancing the flavor of the rum.

Foursquare is legendary amongst rum connoisseurs, rightly known for producing authentic, nothing-added rums of the best quality. The Real McCoy, you might say.  

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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