Kick Back with Cognac Set: Frapin 1270, Hennessy VS, Camus Intensely Aromatic VS

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This set includes the three Cognacs recommended to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s Kick Back with Cognac Box. You can try each one with all the featured cocktails in the box, and still have plenty of Cognac left over for your own crafted creations!

Recommended by: Kellie Thorn, Michael Holiday, and the Shaker & Spoon Team

“With its soft, gripping tannins from toasty oak, Cognac Frapin 1270 is a well-integrated and super mixable Cognac,” says Kellie Thorn. “It has bright and dried fruit characteristics, laced with soft notes of vanilla and crème brûlée as well as subtle spice notes—perfect for cocktails or enjoyed by itself before or after a meal!” And Frapin’s terroir and long, storied history, first as wine growers and then distillers, makes this bottle the perfect introduction to the world of Cognac.

Michael Holiday has a special place in his heart for one Cognac in particular: Hennessy V.S. “It quintessentially embodies Cognac, and with the first whiff, you are transported. Roasted pecans, juicy golden raisins, and of course, where my mind goes with this particular spirit, crisp green apples. When you sip it, it's almost already a complete cocktail: well bodied and potent but still rich and flavorful, with warming spices like clove. What better way to make a layered cocktail than to start off with a spirit already complex and flavorful on its own?!” 

When first reading about the Camus Intensely Aromatic VS Cognac, S&S thought it was bold of them to include such a descriptor in the title of the product. But it's absolutely true! The first note of this Cognac is freshly crushed apples in the orchard, almost fooling one into thinking it's a gorgeous Calvados. Once that dissipates, it tells you clearly it's a Cognac and follows through with a pinch of savory spices, like oregano and white pepper. We immediately made a Sazerac with it, and that clinched it. It’s delicate but powerful, great on its own yet can carry its weight in a cocktail, plus surprisingly affordable. What’s not to love! 

Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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