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Mezcal Vago Cuixe

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750ml & ~ 100 proof, varies by batch

 Featured in How to Drink's episode What is Mezcal?

Greg's tasting notes: "Fresh cut grass, smells like playing in the backyard when you were a kid. Very apple-y, very fresh grass, wild onions. Late-arriving chemical astringency. The taste of cactus, it's something you like or you don't. It has that nopales taste."

One of Greg's top selections.


Vago exports Oaxaca's finest, most undiscovered mezcals. They identify and work with small batch Oaxacan mezcaleros, most of whom have never produced commercially before.

Mezcal Vago’s Cuixe is a connoisseur’s delight.  Each batch is produced by a single mezcalero who hand-harvests the agave plants and uses traditional practices and methods to distill them into an extraordinary spirit to sip and savor.

This is a delicious, authentic, and intense mezcal. It's a spirit best for the mezcal lover, probably not the bottle for your first mezcal rodeo. But if you're curious and truly adventurous, who knows? It may be the start of a love affair.

To counteract the rapid depletion of wild agave from communal lands in Mexico (driven primarily by the mezcal boom of the last decade), Mezcal Vago plants three agaves for every one that it harvests.

The sheer vividness and novelty of these aromas warrant attention. Nosing this brings to mind a few peated scotches, but one sip leaves no doubt you are tasting an agave spirit. - Duncan McRoberts, Distiller.com

Tasting Notes The mildly sweet, mineral-like aroma lures you in with wet slate, fresh tarragon and a breezy saline hint. The crisp palate echoes these notes, but on a grander scale, resounding with menthol and petrol, finishing big and relatively fiery with sea salt, smoke and slate. - Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast 
Production Notes

Madrecuixe is a type of agave plant rarely used for mezcal. Because of its scarcity, and the difficulty in harvesting and producing it, this particular mezcal is available in limited quantities. Batches are generally small, 300 to 600 liters each, and there are 2 batches produced each year.

Mature Madrecuixe are required to make this special mezcal, and their maturation takes 13-15 years.  Hearts of agave are hand harvested, then roasted for multiple days in an earthen oven built into the ground and completely exposed to the elements. A traditional stone tahona is used to grind the cooked agave. This is all fermented for about a week, before distillation in a copper still.  No additional ingredients are used to make this mezcal other than agave and water.

Founder Facts Mezcal Vago was founded by Judah Kuper, the son-in-law of Aquilino García López, a fifth-generation mezcalero.  Prior to working with Mezcal Vago, Aquilino Garcia López had never produced commercially.  Mezcal Vago builds relationships with artisan mezcaleros in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, and helps share their original, authentically produced small-batch mezcals with spirits lovers all over the world.
Ways to Enjoy

Classic: sipped slowly

Unexpected: Pair with kombucha, fresh herbs, and citrus, for an off-the-beaten-path take on a summer refresher


92/100 - Distiller.com

Please drink responsibly. 

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

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Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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