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Mezcalloween Set: The Lost Explorer Espadín, Xicaru, La Luna Ensamble Cupreata

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This set includes the three mezcals recommended to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s Mezcalloween II: Agave’s Revenge Box. You can try each one with all the featured cocktails in the box, and still have plenty of mezcal left over for your own spooky creations!

Recommended by: Chris Elford, Caer Maiko, and Danny Ronen

Chris recommends Xicaru Silver Mezcal because he knows “the light smoke, thin vanilla stripe, and roasty agave qualities will shake up beautifully in a cocktail. Plus Xicaru is a bit lower acidity than many joven (unaged) mixing mezcals, and as such doesn't interfere with any citrus you may add. It has a nice mix of savory and sweet notes that make it a good workhorse mezcal, particularly in shaken drinks.”

“The Lost Explorer Espadín Mezcal has notes of bursting dark fruit that blends perfectly into your cocktail!” says Caer Maiko. This mezcal is a sweet and herbaceous expression well balanced with hints of red apple, ripe fruits, and a mild smokey layer to finish.

“I have tasted so many mezcals, and I always like ensambles—that is, mezcals made from a combination of two or more agave species distilled together in a single batch—because they showcase the best of the best of that particular producer and allows you to really see what they’re about,” says Danny Ronen when describing La Luna Black Label Ensamble Cupreata Mezcal. “This particular ensamble stood out to me during a blind taste test against several mezcals that were significantly higher price points, because La Luna Black Label is something really special. There’s a lot of creaminess and salinity that comes through along with a little hint of mezcal’s signature sweetness and smokiness. Even served neat, you can really taste all the layers—it’s like sipping a cocktail, that’s how complex it is. It truly takes you on a journey!”

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