New Frontiers 2 Set: Westland, Yellowstone, Stranahan’s

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This set includes the three American single malt whiskeys recommended to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s New Frontiers 2: American Single Malt Box. You can try each one with all the featured cocktails in the box, and still have plenty of whiskey left over for your own crafted creations!

Recommended by: Christine Wiseman, Robert Sickler, and Sam Jimenez

As a founding member of the ASMW Commission, Westland Distillery helped pioneer this new category of whiskey that’s put America on the global single malt map, and their Westland Flagship American Single Malt Whiskey is an expression that represents the culmination of their efforts toward that legacy. “With its malty banana notes and fruit on the palate, this whiskey provides a study backbone for cocktails yet keeps your drink light and bright. Cheers to a brand-new single malt frontier!” says Christine Wiseman.

Robert Sickler recommends Yellowstone American Single Malt Whiskey: “I have been a fan of the quality whiskey MGP distillery puts out for decades now, so it was no surprise to me that I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful cask-strength single malt expression. The enticing aromas of honey beckon, backed by baked peach or apple cobbler with ample cinnamon notes. The palate offers further notes of rich honey, accompanied by baking spices, chocolate malt and a subtle hint of yeast. Cinnamon, oak and spiced pear permeate the long, rich finish. Just like its National Park namesake, this whiskey is destined to be an American icon—and one worthy of revisiting!”

A single malt whiskey that marries tradition with innovation, Stranahan’s Blue Peak Colorado Single Malt Whiskey is distilled at a high altitude, aged in new American oak barrels, and is Solera finished—a maturation process typically used in wine—which results in a rich and mellow whiskey. As Sam Jiminez notes, Blue Peak has “a subtle butterscotch candy note on the nose, followed by pleasant vanilla spice, cacao and dried fruit. It drinks soft and warm, with honey and hazelnut nicely wrapped up by the oaky flavors, accompanied by hints of  vanilla bean ice cream. All the notes really complement each other nicely.”

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Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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