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Mezcalloween III Ultimate Set: Del Maguey Puebla + Mal Bien "White Tape" Espadín + Bosscal + The Lost Explorer Mezcal Tobalá

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About Mezcalloween III Ultimate Set: Del Maguey Puebla, Mal Bien "White Tape" Espadín, Bosscal Joven, and The Lost Explorer Mezcal Tobalá 

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This set includes the three mezcals recommended to pair with Shaker & Spoon’s Mezcalloween III: A Shocker in Oaxaca Box by the three featured bartenders—plus an extra bonus rec from team S&S! You can try them with all the featured cocktails in the box, and still have plenty of mezcal left over for your own crafted creations!

Recommended by: Sam Jimenez, Stacey Swenson, Tony Abou-Ganim, and Team S&S

“I think Del Maguey Vida Puebla Mezcal makes a great cocktail mezcal due to its sweet and smoky notes,” says Sam. “It reminds me of fresh-cooked agave, with an earthy hint, and it pairs well with citrusy notes but also with fruity and herbal accents. At 40 percent ABV, it has the perfect level of strength and smoothness.”

Mal Bien Espadín Mezcal is a beautiful, easy-drinking mezcal that is true to the place and people who created it. As Stacey says, “The soft smokiness in this bottle doesn’t overpower the other ingredients in your cocktail, but the higher alcohol content definitely makes all its characteristics pop! It’s a mezcal that plays well with others.”

Tony says: “Bosscal Joven is different from any other mezcal. Lightly smoky and soft with tropical fruits yet bright with citrus like mandarin and lemon zest, it has a very balanced palate. Enjoy it in a cocktail or neat—either way, you’ll find it long and pleasant with all those tropical fruits lingering with just a hint of smoke!”

And at S&S HQ, there’s a bonus recommendation: The Lost Explorer Mezcal Tobalá. This mezcal has a nose of light smoke, with a hit of creaminess and spearmint on the palate, and a tiny bit of cinnamon to round things out. Sipping it by itself is quite the experience, with a tinge of slate and light fruit, not unlike an Austrian white wine, but it also shines fabulously in a stirred, spirit-forward cocktail!

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