Angel's Envy

Experience the Spirit of Perfection with Angel's Envy!

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Experience the Spirit of Perfection with Angel's Envy!

If you think you've tasted everything the world of bourbon and whiskey has to offer, it's time to discover the unique blend of perfection and innovation that sets Angel's Envy apart. Masterfully crafted and painstakingly finished in port wine barrels, this brand gives you a sip of heaven with every bottle.

What is Angel's Envy?

Luxury meets tradition in Angel's Envy, a premium brand of whiskey that hails from Louisville, Kentucky. Founded by the celebrated Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, Angel's Envy is recognized for its exceptional attention to detail from the grain to the glass. The brand is famed for its bourbon that's carefully aged up to 6 years and finished in ruby port wine barrels, creating a spirit with unmatched depth and complexity.

What is the history of Angel's Envy?

Born from the dedication and expertise of Lincoln Henderson, a member of the Bourbon Hall of Fame with over 40 years of experience in the spirits industry, Angel's Envy was founded as a legacy brand. After retirement, Lincoln was joined by his son Wes in the creation of this extraordinary bourbon, aiming to craft the finest whiskey in the world. Since its inception in 2006, Angel's Envy has steadfastly upheld this commitment, gaining accolades and admirers for their innovative yet time-honored approach to whiskey-making.

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