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Discover the Uniquely Exotic Flavor of Archipelago Gin
At the first sip, you might forget you were drinking gin and imagine you quite literally stepped into a tropical paradise. That’s because Archipelago Gin, a product of the famed Full Circle Distillers, is crafted like an olfactory postcard, a breathtaking homage to the lush biodiversity found in the Philippines.

What is Archipelago Gin?
Archipelago Gin is a truly unique gin brand hailing from the Philippines and produced by Full Circle Distillers. Unlike most gins from the classical 'London dry' style, Archipelago Gin takes inspiration from its homeland's rich biodiversity. It is the perfect blend of traditional gin botanicals and exotic Filipino ingredients. This gives it a remarkable depth of flavor, combining crisp juniper berries, with locally-sourced calamondin, dalandan, dayap, and sampaloc. This local authenticity doesn't stop at the gin itself. Even Archipelago's bottle design pays tribute to local craftsmen, being hand-woven with indigenous Philippine materials.

What is the history of Archipelago Gin?
Archipelago Gin is still relatively young in terms of gin distilling history. It was launched in 2018 by Full Circle Distillers, a small but passionate distillery dedicated to showcasing the unique flavors and botanicals of the Philippines. Despite being a new face in the world of gin, Archipelago has quickly made its mark through its innovative use of exotic, locally-sourced ingredients. In its short history, it has already recently won a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, positioning it as a rising star in the global spirits industry. This accolade is a significant testament to Archipelago's commitment to quality and innovation, and an indication of its bright future. Read Less
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