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Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin: Elevating the Art of Gin Making to New Heights

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Aviation Gin: Elevating the Art of Gin Making to New Heights

Aviation Gin is more than just a spirit; it's a craft, lovingly distilled to perfection in every bottle. Daringly different, Aviation Gin has carved a unique place for itself in the world of gin.

What is Aviation Gin?

Flying the flag for the United States in the global gin scene, Aviation Gin hails from Portland, Oregon. This American style gin distills in small batches and is known for its unique botanical mix. By emphasizing a softer juniper flavor in favor of a more forward blend of botanicals, Aviation Gin provides an experience that's smoother, richer, and more approachable than the traditional London dry gins. The result is a versatile, mixable product that's perfect on the rocks, in classics like the gin tonic, or used for ground-breaking mixology.

What is the history of Aviation Gin?

Aviation Gin was launched in 2006 by House Spirits Distillery, a craft spirits producer in Portland, Oregon. Its name pays homage to the aviation cocktail, a classic gin-based drink. Aviation was the brainchild of distiller Christian Krogstad and bartender Ryan Magarian, who sought to create a democratic gin that would appeal to both those new to gin and the gin connoisseur. The brand gained increased attention in 2018 after actor Ryan Reynolds acquired an ownership interest, but it's the product's craftsmanship that has made Aviation a star in the gin world.

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