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Barsol Pisco

Experience the Remarkable Spirit of Peru with Barsol Pisco

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Experience the Remarkable Spirit of Peru with Barsol Pisco

Unleash the distinctive taste and exciting revolution of Peruvian drinks with the celebrated Barsol Pisco. Renowned for their meticulous distillation process, Barsol Pisco is the spirit to enjoy if you're on a quest to discover the authentic taste of Peru.

What is Barsol Pisco?

Born from the lush vineyards of the Ica Valley in Peru, Barsol Pisco is an acclaimed producer of distilled grape spirits, primarily the uniquely Peruvian style of brandy known as Pisco. They ensure an unrivaled tasting experience by utilizing centuries-old methods of distillation and blending the finest grapes of the region. Barsol Pisco crafts a diverse product range of purity and premium quality, boasting supremely rich and complex flavor profiles.

What is the history of Barsol Pisco?

The legacy of Barsol Pisco traces back to the Bodega San Isidro, a historic distillery established in the early 20th century. Embracing the enriching traditions, the brand has maintained its commitment to excellent craftsmanship by only using the three traditional Pisco grape varietals, Quebranta, Italia, and Torontel. Symbolizing an adventurous spirit, Barsol Pisco has become an integral part of Peru's cultural identity, shaping the global appreciation for artisanal Pisco and its rich, multi-layered characteristics. Over the years, Barsol Pisco has soared to international prominence, gaining recognition and accolades for its remarkable authenticity and excellency. Read Less
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