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Black Button Whiskey

An Unexpected Sophistication: The Mastery of Black Button Whiskey

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An Unexpected Sophistication: The Mastery of Black Button Whiskey

Catering to the modern whiskey drinker’s tastes, Black Button Whiskey sets itself apart in the spirits realm with its innovative approach to an age-old beverage. The uniqueness of this brand resides in its ability to maintain distinctive traditional elements while innovatively exploring new flavors and blends.

What is Black Button Whiskey?

Originating from Rochester, New York, Black Button Distilling has established a unique presence in the whiskey industry. The small-batch, craft distilling company primarily produces bourbon and whiskey, but has expanded its range to include gin, vodka, and other spirits. Known for its emphasis on quality over quantity, Black Button Whiskey carefully curates its ingredients, sourcing 90% of its raw materials from local New York State sources.

What is the history of Black Button Whiskey?

Black Button Whiskey was born out of a passion for distilling, combined with respect for the craft. The brainchild of Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling began its journey in 2012, when Barrett was just 24 years old. As the first grain-to-glass distillery in Rochester since Prohibition, Black Button has always strived to balance modernity with tradition. The name 'Black Button' pays homage to Barrett's grandfather, who worked for 40 years in a button factory, symbolizing the brand's commitment to detail, quality, and the art of craftsmanship. Over the years, the brand has emerged as a celebrated name in the spirits industry, earning various awards, including those from the American Craft Spirits Association and the New York State Distillers Guild. Read Less
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