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Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey

Experience the Exceptional Irish Whiskey, as Unique as the Dots on the Bottles

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Experience the Exceptional Irish Whiskey, as Unique as the Dots on the Bottles

Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Spots aren't just colors; they represent a family of exceptional Irish whiskies. Each variant carries its distinct personality, flavor and intricacy, making it a fascinating exploration for the spirit enthusiasts. The innovative mindset of the brand combined with exceptional attribute of Irish whisky has resulted in a range that features flavors from light and floral to deep, rich and woody.

What is Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey?

Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Spot is a range of single pot still Irish whiskies, originating from the historical Mitchell & Son Wine and Spirit Merchants, Dublin. Each color represents a different age statement and flavor profile, showcasing the versatility of Irish whiskey. Red Spot is matured for 15 years in a combination of casks pre-seasoned with Bourbon, Sherry and Marsala wine, offering a sophisticated blend of fruit and spice. Green Spot, undeniably a fresher expression comes with non-age statement while the Yellow Spot aged for 12 years, exhibits a unique spicy character. The brand recently added to the lineup Blue Spot, a 7-year-old Cask Strength release, signifying the robust Irish character.

What is the history of Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey?

The Spot whiskies date back to the early 20th century when Mitchell & Son would mature whiskey from the local Jameson Distillery in their underground cellars. The barrels were marked with spots of different colors designating their aging potential. Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Spot disappeared during the mid 20th century. It was in the early 2000s when the Mitchell family, in collaboration with Irish Distillers, decided to revive the historic whiskies. Today, these whiskies are brought back to life at Midleton Distillery, celebrating their rich history while offering drinkers a unique journey through different taste profiles.

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