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Bulldog Gin

Experience the Refined Boldness of Bulldog Gin

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Experience the Refined Boldness of Bulldog Gin

Shaped in the spirit of rebelliousness yet grounded in tradition, Bulldog Gin is an iconic brand with a distinctive medley of flavors. A truly modern gin, it offers a twist on the conventional, infusing the best of both worlds.

What is Bulldog Gin?

Bulldog Gin is a multinational brand, born in the heart of London, but offering its premium quality spirits globally. This London dry gin is crafted with 12 botanicals from 8 different countries, giving it an unparalleled complex yet balanced flavor profile. Known for its distinct taste, powered by the alluring blend of traditional and exotic ingredients, Bulldog Gin stands out in the crowded gin market. Whether served straight, in a crisp G&T, or a sophisticated cocktail, it never fails to leave a lasting impression.

What is the history of Bulldog Gin?

Anwar Khawaja, a former investment banker at JP Morgan, launched Bulldog Gin in 2007 with a keen vision to redefine the gin segment. The brand quickly gained recognizance for its smooth and intricate flavors, encapsulated in an edgy, bold packaging. With its intelligent fusion of global ingredients and traditional distillation methods, Bulldog has reshaped gin's contemporary image. Today, it holds an honorable place on the shelves of gin connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, embodying a perfect blend of unassailable quality and innovative spirit.

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