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Campari Aperitivo

Discover Campari Aperitivo, the Essence of Italian Elegance and Style

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Discover Campari Aperitivo, the Essence of Italian Elegance and Style

Chic, unique, and bold, the Campari Aperitivo brand delivers a distinctively Italian experience in every sip. With its rich ruby hue and complex, captivating flavors, it's a spirit that truly stands apart in the world of alcoholic beverages.

What is Campari Aperitivo?

Campari Aperitivo is a globally renowned Italian alcoholic spirit primarily used as a base for some of the world's most celebrated cocktails. Renowned for its bitter, yet engaging taste, the brand hails from the heart of Italy, Novara. It’s the key ingredient in many iconic cocktails, including the classic Negroni and Aperol spritz. With unique recipes containing an eclectic mix of herbs, fruits, and alcohol, Campari Aperitivo offers an enduring experience of unmatchable flavors and distinctive quality.

What is the History of Campari Aperitivo?

Campari Aperitivo has an enchanting history rooted in Italy. Its story began in 1860, when charismatic inventor Gaspare Campari first conceived this iconic spirit in Novara. Ever since, Campari Aperitivo has become a symbol of Italian quality and elegance. The actual recipe remains a closely guarded secret, known only to a few individuals, further adding an aura of mystery and exclusivity. Through time, its reputation has spread far beyond Italy's borders, establishing it as a leading player in the global spirits marketplace. Celebrated for its vibrant crimson hue and robust flavor profile, Campari Aperitivo is a testament to Italy's enduring contribution to the art of spirited beverages. Read Less
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