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Carpano Vermouth

Meet Carpano Vermouth, the Benchmark for Vermouth Excellence

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Meet Carpano Vermouth, the Benchmark for Vermouth Excellence

Famously known as the 'pioneer of vermouth,' Carpano set a new standard for what vermouth could be. Despite the growth and evolution of the spirits market, Carpano Vermouth continues to distinguish itself by upholding the high-quality crafting techniques that first catapulted it into stardom.

What is Carpano Vermouth?

Carpano is an iconic Italian brand, revered globally for producing premium vermouth. Originating from Turin, the brand offers an array of fortified wines beautifully balanced with rich botanicals. With its most celebrated offerings being Carpano Antica Formula and Punt e Mes, the brand has successfully cemented itself in the history of mixology. Carpano's vermouth is highly prized by bartenders and enthusiasts alike, adored for its distinctive flavor, versatility, and the level of sophistication it brings to any cocktail.

What is the history of Carpano Vermouth?

Carpano's rich history dates back to 1786 when Antonio Benedetto Carpano, attracted by the allure of the flourishing café society of Turin, invented his version of vermouth. Antonio cleverly combined over thirty aromatic plants with Muscat wine, thus creating a unique, delicious, and fortifying drink. His creation quickly gained popularity, launching a new product category of aromatic wines, and set the benchmark that defined Vermouth di Torino. Ever since, Carpano Vermouth has maintained an enduring heritage, carrying forward Antonio's legacy by preserving his original secret recipe and continuing to deliver outstanding vermouths that are savored around the globe.

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