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Cinzano Vermouth

Experience the Intrigue of Cinzano Vermouth's Legendary Blends

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Experience the Intrigue of Cinzano Vermouth's Legendary Blends

With an illustrious legacy that spans over 260 years, Cinzano Vermouth fascinates with its timeless elegance. Best known for crafting aromatic vermouths imbued with a harmonious blend of secret herbs and spices, Cinzano Vermouth stands out for its enchanting dance of flavors in every drop.

What is Cinzano Vermouth?

Cinzano Vermouth is one of Italy's most celebrated spirits, born out of Torino in 1757. The brand is renowned for producing an array of spirits, with a distinct prominence in the realm of vermouths. This carefully crafted elixir combines exquisite wines, Italy’s native alpine herbs, and secret botanicals, resulting in a masterful libation that delights the senses. Cinzano Vermouth creations are often relished solo or serve as a luxury ingredient for cocktail connoisseurs around the globe.

What is the history of Cinzano Vermouth?

Cinzano Vermouth began its illustrious journey in the hands of brothers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano Cinzano. Inspired by Italy's rich heritage of winemaking, the brothers experimented to create the brand’s first vermouth — an enticing blend that reflected the aromas of the Alpine meadows local to Piemonte. In the centuries that followed, Cinzano Vermouth conquered international palates, becoming a staple in cocktail halls of fame for legendary drinks, like the Negroni or Martini. Today, Cinzano Vermouth still holds the torch of tradition high, forever remembering its roots while innovating for the modern palate. Read Less
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