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Citadelle Gin

Experience the Unique, Artisan Craftsmanship of Citadelle Gin

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Experience the Unique, Artisan Craftsmanship of Citadelle Gin

If you're savouring a glass of Citadelle Gin, you're not just enjoying a spirit - you're tasting the culmination of centuries of distillation knowledge and a reverence for tradition. Citadelle, known for its complexity and balance, provides the connoisseur with an unique gin experience. Forget generic spirits, this is a brand that breaks the mold and stands as a testament to what gin can be!

What is Citadelle Gin?

Citadelle Gin, born in the heartland of France, is an artisan spirit distilled from 19 different botanicals. These are carefully selected to create a unique, flavour-intense profile. Originating from the Maison Ferrand distillery, Citadelle Gin offers a wide range of expressions. These include the original Citadelle Gin, Citadelle Réserve, and a variety of exotic, limited-edition offerings. Discerning drinkers are captivated not only by the gins themselves, but also the dedication to craftsmanship that's tangible in every single drop.

What is the History of Citadelle Gin?

A brand with deep historical roots, Citadelle Gin takes its name from the oldest French distillery that was founded in 1775. During the Revolutionary era in France, the distillery was converted into a citadel, hence the name. Despite the upheavals of history, the art of creating Citadelle Gin never vanished. The torch was passed to Alexandre Gabriel, Maison Ferrand's current owner. Today, Citadelle Gin is a symbol of France's illustrious distillation history, marrying tradition and innovation in a spirited concoction for gin enthusiasts to explore.

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