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Clement Rhum

Discover Clément Rhum, Where Tradition Meets Distinctive Flavor

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Discover Clément Rhum, Where Tradition Meets Distinctive Flavor

Clément Rhum stands at the intersection of tradition and modern, vibrant flavors. As a premier producer of Rhum Agricole, Clément Rhum infuses every bottle with the unique essence of the Martinique terroirs, offering an unparalleled tasting experience.

What is Clément Rhum?

Clément Rhum is a revered brand known for its Rhum Agricole, a special-grade spirit distilled from fresh sugarcane juice. Hailing from Martinique, this brand trades in a wide variety of products, including vintages, white rums, aged rums, and cocktail-special rums. Clément Rhum truly captures the spirit of its homeland, with every drop of rum reflecting the fertile soils and tropical climate of the island.

What is the history of Clément Rhum?

The roots of Clément Rhum can be traced back to 1887 when Homère Clément, a physician and mayor of Le François, purchased the Domaine de l’Acajou. Understanding the potential of producing rum from sugarcane, he initiated the production of Rhum Agricole. The tradition of excellence has been passed on through generations, with each caretaker of the brand upholding the high standards established by Homère. Today, Clément Rhum stands as a testament to Homère's vision, offering world-renowned Rhum Agricole products loved by aficionados and novices alike. Read Less
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