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Compass Box Whisky

Discover Compass Box Whisky: A Revolution in the Art of Whisky Blending

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Discover Compass Box Whisky: A Revolution in the Art of Whisky Blending

What is Compass Box Whisky?

Compass Box Whisky is a trailblazing spirits producer renowned worldwide for their specialization in blended scotch whiskies. Founded in 2000 by John Glaser, this London-based company sources whisky from Scotland's finest distilleries, then meticulously blends them in their own unique style. Compass Box Whisky champions transparency in an industry typically guarded about production methods, even fighting for changes to UK laws to allow more detailed labeling. The brand’s groundbreaking approach results in a tantalising line-up of distinctive and high-quality products that range from light, delicate blends to robust, peated drams.

What is the history of Compass Box Whisky?

When American John Glaser launched Compass Box Whisky in his kitchen, his innovative blending techniques and commitment to transparency were a disruptive force in the traditional scotch whisky market. Having cut his teeth in the industry with giants such as Johnnie Walker, Diageo, and Chivas Brothers, Glaser had a vision to create a brand that shone a spotlight on the artistry of whisky blending. Using fine casks from all over Scotland, Compass Box Whisky introduced a new generation of whisky drinkers to the possibilities of blended whisky. They continue to challenge the status quo with their intriguing blends, often experimenting with wood finishing and unconventional blending methods. Compass Box Whisky's enduring commitment to quality and innovation has been repeatedly recognized within the industry, winning a slew of prestigious awards over the years.

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