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Del Professore Vermouth

Experience the Educated Sophistication of Del Professore Vermouth

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Experience the Educated Sophistication of Del Professore Vermouth

With a name that nods to the esteemed legacy of a scholarly professor, Del Professore Vermouth straddles classic Italian heritage and modern mixology prowess. A perfect confluence of knowledge, quality, and taste, this brand leaves its unique imprint on every sip, leaving you in no doubt that you are experiencing something truly exceptional.

What is Del Professore Vermouth?

Del Professore Vermouth is a boutique spirits producer from Italy. With a deep respect for traditional craft, Del Professore specializes in producing Vermouth and a range of classic Italian aperitifs. Their offerings include a white Vermouth, red Vermouth, and the Monsieur—an intriguing blend that unites the two. The brand is especially known for its meticulous infusion process, which highlights the delicate nuances of the botanicals used in the spirits.

What is the history of Del Professore Vermouth?

Inspired by the methods of an old-time professor from the 19th century, known for his formula for vermouth, Del Professore Vermouth started as a collaboration between Rome's Jerry Thomas Project and the Antica Distilleria Quaglia. Standing on the pillars of respect for tradition, premium quality ingredients, and innovative distillation, the brand has succeeded in crafting a product line that captivates drinkers worldwide. The ‘professor’s’ method continues to be the backbone of the production process, preserving the timeless taste of the golden age of vermouth.

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