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Dolin Vermouth

Experience the Harmonious Blend of Dolin Vermouth

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Experience the Harmonious Blend of Dolin Vermouth

Dolin Vermouth is not your average vermouth. Steeped in a rich history and hailing from the lush alpine region of France, this unique spirit brand marries centuries-old techniques with a diverse array of botanicals, delivering refreshingly distinct and harmonious blends that have been lauded by critics and consumers alike.

What is Dolin Vermouth?

Originating in Chambéry, France, Dolin Vermouth is a renowned spirit that has been enchanting palates since the 19th century. Crafted from a secret recipe of carefully selected herbs and spices, Dolin Vermouth offers a range of vermouths including red, white, and rosé; each meticulously concocted to please various taste preferences. Offering delicate, smooth, and balanced profiles, Dolin Vermouth stands as a testament to the art of traditional French vermouth creation.

What is the history of Dolin Vermouth?

Dolin Vermouth dates back to 1821, when Joseph Chavasse discovered the secret of infusing local botanicals to create a unique and appealing vermouth. Later in 1932, the Maison Dolin brand was officially recognized and given the exclusive right to call its product 'Chambéry Vermouth'. Being the last of the Chambéry producers, Dolin continues to craft their vermouths with the same adherence to tradition, preserving the distinct identity and unparalleled quality of the product. Through countless accolades and international recognition, the Dolin brand has become a stalwart of authenticity and refinement in the world of spirits. Read Less
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