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Don Q Rum

Discover Don Q Rum: The Real Spirit of Puerto Rico

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Discover Don Q Rum: The Real Spirit of Puerto Rico

Don Q Rum stands as a shining beacon in the world of spirits, embodying authenticity to the core. Their unwavering commitment to quality and the environment separates them from the crowd, etching their uniqueness in the hearts of their consumers.

What is Don Q Rum?

Calling Puerto Rico its home, Don Q Rum is the island's favorite spirit, offering a vast range of rum varieties. The brand's offerings range from premium aged rums like Don Q Gran Añejo to unique specialities like Don Q Vermouth Cask Finish Rum. All products are renowned for their superior quality, engaging patrons in an unparalleled sensory experience. True to its roots, Don Q Rum elegantly brings forth the distinctive richness of Puerto Rican flavour in every sip.

What is the history of Don Q Rum?

The story of Don Q Rum dates back to 1865 when the Serrallés family began their distilling journey. In 1934, they launched Don Q Rum as a tribute to the timeless character, Don Quixote. From then on, it has been a family tradition, passed over six generations, to produce the finest rum. The brand balanced the old with the new, combining age-old techniques of maturing and blending with innovative, eco-friendly distilling methods. This has upheld Don Q Rum's stature as a leading global rum brand, forever captivating the hearts and palates of rum connoisseurs worldwide.

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