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El Tequileno Tequila

Discover El Tequileno Tequila - An Unparalleled Fusion of Tradition and Quality

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Discover El Tequileno Tequila - An Unparalleled Fusion of Tradition and Quality

Honorably etched in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, El Tequileno Tequila sets a high bar with its intricately crafted tequila varieties, leaving a trail of satisfied palates and a rich legacy of skillful distilling. Unravel the uniqueness of this brand, where every bottle conveys a moving saga of traditional practices converging with the zest of innovation.

What is El Tequileno Tequila?

Founded in 1959, El Tequileno is a world-renowned Mexican distillery specialized in crafting exceptional tequila. Based in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, El Tequileno tequila is made using 100% Blue Agave from the highlands of Jalisco and draws water from their own natural spring. The brand boasts a diverse range of products, including Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo, each carrying unique tales of audacious flavors and depth.

What is the history of El Tequileno Tequila?

El Tequileno's history began over six decades ago when Jorge Salles Cuervo established the La Guarreña Distillery. Embodying a profound commitment to the age-old tequila-making traditions, Salles Cuervo introduced the world to El Tequileno Tequila and Mujer Bonita, Mexico's first premium Reposado. Over the years, the brand has upheld its founder’s passion and commitment, focusing on quality over quantity and utilizing traditional distilling methods. The enduring integrity of such an approach has seen El Tequileno earn a place in the International Bartenders Association’s official cocktail list, a testament to the brand's prestigious reputation and exemplary craftsmanship.

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