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Featured Artisan: All Points West Distillery

Despite being a newcomer to the whiskey scene, All Points West Distillery is anchored in tradition. From name to location to methods of production, All Points West traces and revives the history of American distilling and industry over the last two centuries.

Distiller, Gil with a glass of whiskey sitting next to whiskey barrels.

The distillery’s name is inspired by the locals’ name for the NJ railway line which, over the course of the 19th and early 20th centuries, carried travelers and goods from their arrival on the Eastern seaboard to their final destinations in the West. Distiller Gil Spaier located the distillery in the Ironbound, a neighborhood in Newark, NJ, a former brewing hub, home to 26 operational breweries a century ago, though today not one of them remains.  

And Gil also brings tradition to the spirit itself. As a lover of lesser-known, but extremely well-respected Irish whiskeys, like Middleton, he was inspired to try his hand at some of the old methods, after research into the surprisingly diverse history of Irish whiskey.  Using a pot still and corn mash, he revived a long-forgotten whiskey production method which fell out of fashion after the Irish and Scottish authorities deemed its taste “too American,” and thus prohibited its use in European whiskey-making. 

These Pot Still Whiskeys are each distinctive, complex and deeply flavorful, standing at the midway point between a whiskey and a bourbon, owing to their unique ingredient profiles and production methods.

Glass of whiskey outside a distillery.

For both whiskey lovers and the whiskey curious, these bottles will be enjoyed by anyone interested in trying new, unique, and delicious spirits. 

Previously only available in a few retail locations in New Jersey and New York, Curiada is excited to now be able to help bring the experience of these remarkable whiskeys to a wider circle of craft spirits lovers.

As a small distillery, quantities are limited, so sales are by pre-order only and will be confirmed on a twice-weekly basis while supplies last. 

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