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Fortaleza Tequila

Experience the Exceptional Craftsmanship of Fortaleza Tequila

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Experience the Exceptional Craftsmanship of Fortaleza Tequila

Fortaleza Tequila, often celebrated by aficionados, isn't just a beverage—it's a testament to tequila's rich history and a true embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship. What sets Fortaleza apart is their commitment to tradition, quality, and authenticity. Using methods that trace their roots back to the 1800s, every bottle reflects dedication to preserving the art of tequila making, resulting in a spirit that resonates with the soul of Mexico.

What is Fortaleza Tequila?

Produced in the heart of the Tequila valley in Jalisco, Mexico, Fortaleza is a boutique family-owned brand renowned for its rich flavors and velvety smoothness. Fortaleza is more than just a name—it's a testament to the strength and spirit of its product range which includes Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Still Strength Tequila. These variants, each having its unique taste and complexity, cater to both tequila novices and seasoned connoisseurs, promising an authentic experience that stays true to traditional tequila-making practices.

What is the history of Fortaleza Tequila?

Revered distiller Don Guillermo Erickson Sauza established Fortaleza Tequila in 2005. However, the brand's roots extend far deeper, dating back to his legendary ancestor, Don Cenobio Sauza, who introduced tequila to the world way back in the late 1800s. Despite the evolution of production techniques over the decades, Fortaleza savorer tradition. From crushing the roasted piñas with a tahona (a large stone wheel) to fermentation in wooden tanks, they believe in doing things the time-honored way. This commitment to heritage and quality paves the way for truly remarkable tequilas that speak to the brand's rich historical roots.

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