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High West Whiskey

High West Distillery, an Artisanal Triumph in Utah's Mountain West

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High West Distillery, an Artisanal Triumph in Utah's Mountain West

What is High West Whiskey?

High West Whiskey is an American spirits brand based in the heart of Utah's scenic mountain range. This premium whiskey maker serves a lineup of high-quality spirits, entirely distilled and aged in the high-altitude, cold-climate environment of the Rocky Mountains. Known for its unique grain-to-glass distillery process, High West has earned its plaudits for producing exceptional aged whiskies, innovative bourbon blends, and distinctive rye spirits, capturing the essence of the American West in every bottle.

What is the history of High West Whiskey?

The story of High West Whiskey dates back to the early 2000s, conceived by biochemist Dr. David Perkins and his wife Jane, who were influenced by the idea of creating a whiskey that brought together the rugged spirit of the West and the scientific approach to distillation. Opening their doors in 2007 in a historic livery stable and garage, High West became Utah's first legal distillery since 1870. The brand's revolutionary spirit proved successful, with High West gaining respect and recognition in the whiskey world, and eventually being bought by leading spirits company Constellation Brands in 2016. Pointedly, High West remains committed to its founding philosophy - crafting distinct, high-quality whiskey with care and scientific precision in the wild heart of Utah. Read Less
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