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Holmes Cay Rum

Experience the Exclusivity and Uniqueness of Holmes Cay Rum

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Experience the Exclusivity and Uniqueness of Holmes Cay Rum

Remarkable for its extraordinary single cask offerings and transparent production processes, Holmes Cay Rum truly transcends the normal boundaries of spirit production. Involved in the craft of elaborating fine spirits that bring the authentic taste of fine distillation from the world's best rum producing countries, each bottle is a testament to the artisan's passion and skill.

What is Holmes Cay Rum?

Originating from New York, Holmes Cay Rum is highly-rated for its selection of limited single cask rums. Sourced from the finest distilleries worldwide with a specific focus on Barbados, Belize, Guyana, and Fiji, the brand believes in the principle of 'truth in rum', detailing the facts about every release towards its customers. Holmes Cay Rum provides standout spirits that are cask strength, unadulterated with additives, and unique to traditional rums.

What is the history of Holmes Cay Rum?

Founded by Eric Kaye in 2019, the brand Holmes Cay Rum spawned from a desire to make the world's finest rums available to enthusiasts in the United States. Recognizing the rarity of true single cask rums in the market, Holmes Cay has since focused on sourcing and offering exceptional rums from respected distilleries. Each release under the brand is considered a unique expression of the distillation craft, carefully curated and hand-selected by a team of connoisseurs and specialists.

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