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Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Unlock Your Spirit with Jack Daniel's Unique Charcoal Mellowing Process

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Unlock Your Spirit with Jack Daniel's Unique Charcoal Mellowing Process

Jack Daniel's Whiskey is a brand that stands apart with its meticulous crafting process. It isn't just about the mash of corn, rye, and malted barley. Nor is it just about aging the product in charred oak barrels. It's their signature charcoal mellowing that defines this brand, a process that infuses every single drop of whiskey with a distinctive smoothness.

What is Jack Daniel's Whiskey?

An iconic symbol of American spirit, Jack Daniel's is a renowned maker of whiskey based in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Since its inception, Jack Daniel's has been dedicated to creating a unique blend of whiskey that is savored in every corner of the world. With a selection that ranges from their flagship Old No. 7, to their single barrel and honey liqueur offerings, there’s a style to suit every whiskey enthusiast's taste.

What is the history of Jack Daniel's Whiskey?

In 1864, Jasper Newton 'Jack' Daniel set up the Jack Daniel Distillery, making it one of the oldest registered distilleries in the United States. The determination and personality of its founder are deeply entrenched in the brand, with the recipes and filtering process remaining largely unchanged. Daniel's decision to utilize Lynchburg's natural resource, a limestone cave spring, is attributed to the distinctive flavor of the whiskey. Today, the same commitment to quality underpins the production, ensuring Jack Daniel's continues to deliver the same quality whiskey that they began producing over 150 years ago. Read Less
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