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La Gritona Tequila

Discover La Gritona Tequila - A Playful Twist on Tradition

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Discover La Gritona Tequila - A Playful Twist on Tradition

La Gritona Tequila takes a fun-loving departure from the norm through its distinctive packaging while maintaining its roots in century-old Mexican tequila making traditions.

What is La Gritona Tequila?

La Gritona is a boutique tequila brand hailing from Mexico. Beyond its exceptional, artisanal Reposado tequila, what sets it apart is its laugh-inducing, mischievous packaging. The bottles are recycled flint glass, filled by hand and corked. Inside, you can find a beautifully balanced, 100% agave Reposado tequila that is made the traditional way - harvested, cooked in an old fashioned horno, shredded by hand, and distilled in copper pots.

What is the history of La Gritona Tequila?

The story of La Gritona started in 2012, when Melly Barajas, a talented and passionate tequila producer, started bottling her unique Reposado tequila under the name. Produced in the highlands of Jalisco, in a distillery at an altitude of 6000 feet, each batch of La Gritona Tequila showcases Melly's dedication to time-worn tequila making techniques, her commitment to sustainability, and her sense of humor. The brand encapsulates Barajas’ refreshing take on tradition, and those who experience its playful energy and impeccable taste often become lifelong devotees. Read Less
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