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Lunazul Tequila

Experience the Uniqueness and Charm of Lunazul Tequila

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Experience the Uniqueness and Charm of Lunazul Tequila

Often hailed as the artisan elixir of Mexico, Lunazul Tequila redefines authenticity and class. Crafted with a commitment to quality in the heartland of tequila, each sip promises an unforgettable journey. The differentiating traits of Lunazul – its roots and quality ingredients – combine to create a tequila that satisfies both the palate and the soul.

What is Lunazul Tequila?

Lunazul Tequila is a distinguished brand, hailing from Jerez, Mexico and respected globally for its superior quality. Manufactured by the acclaimed Beckmann family’s distillery, Tierra de Agaves, the tequila is produced with 100% estate-owned blue agave. Offering a wide range of tequilas, from Blanco and Reposado to Anejo and Prime, Lunazul sets a high standard for smoothness and flavour. It's an invitation to experience the magic of high-quality tequila, straight from the fields of Mexico.

What is the history of Lunazul Tequila?

The story of Lunazul begins with the Beckmann family, who have been involved in tequila manufacturing since the early 20th century. Their deep-rooted commitment to the craft, passed down through generations, is the foundation on which Lunazul Tequila stands. The family’s Tierra de Agaves distillery is located in the renowned Lowlands of the Tequila region, known for producing blue agave of exceptional quality. Lunazul, translating to 'Blue Moon', signifies the Beckmann family's undying commitment to crafting high-quality tequilas, keeping tradition alive, and sharing the joys of tequila with the world.

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