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Lustau Sherry

Discover Lustau Sherry: A Taste of Spain's Richest Winemaking Tradition

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Discover Lustau Sherry: A Taste of Spain's Richest Winemaking Tradition

When it comes to Spanish sherry, Lustau stands head and shoulders above the rest. Known for their unerring devotion to tradition and quality, Lustau is notorious for creating sherries that dance between complexity and balance, delighting even the most discerning of palates. With a range encompassing all styles and hues, Lustau offers a sherry for every occasion and every discerning palate.

What is Lustau Sherry?

Lustau is one of Spain's premier sherry brands, nestled in the city of Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain. With a rich offering that ranges from the lightest, crispest Manzanillas to the most robust and full-bodied Olorosos, Lustau caters to a spectrum of sherry lovers. They extend their craftsmanship into the realm of vermouth with a red and white expression, each crafted with a base of their sherry. Spain’s tradition and Lustau's craft intertwine, resulting in products that capture the very essence of Spanish viniculture.

What is the history of Lustau Sherry?

The story of Lustau dates back to 1896, when Jose Ruiz-Berdejo started cultivating vines in his backyard. Over the years, Lustau grew from a humble local endeavour into an international symbol of Spanish sherry. Even as they've grown, Lustau has never lost sight of their heritage - they still operate out of the same bodegas in Jerez today. Lustau represents more than a century of tradition and innovation in sherry production, a testament to their unerring commitment to quality and to the richness of Spain’s sherry tradition. The result is a legacy in every bottle, an unwavering passion for sherry reflected in each sip.

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