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Mezcal Unión

Discover Mezcal Unión: A Unique Fusion of Tradition and Sustainability

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Discover Mezcal Unión: A Unique Fusion of Tradition and Sustainability

An innovative brand that merges generations of artisanal expertise with sustainable practices, Mezcal Unión offers a distinctive spirit that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Oaxaca, Mexico.

What is Mezcal Unión?

Mezcal Unión is a renowned producer of top-quality Mezcal, a traditional Mexican distilled spirit derived from the agave plant. Sourced from the agave-rich fields of Oaxaca, Mezcal Unión's products are a testament to the brand's dedication to outstanding craftsmanship, sustainable farming, and social responsibility. Mezcal Unión is particularly recognized for its practice of combining two agave varieties in its mezcals: Espadín, a cultivated variety known for its sweet, fruity tones, and wild Cicuixe or Tobala, celebrated for their complex character.

What is the History of Mezcal Unión?

Established in the modern era of Mezcal's resurgence, Mezcal Unión was founded with the goal of elevating the spirit's global reputation while supporting the communities that have produced it for centuries. Unión, Spanish for 'union', is indeed the brand's operant motto: they work in Union with Zapotec families, farmers, and mezcaleros, aiming to promote not just a product, but also a comprehensive lifestyle revolving around Mezcal's rich history and tradition. With a strong commitment to supporting local ecosystems and preserving traditional production methods, Mezcal Unión has grown over the year to become a leading player in the Mezcal industry and a keen advocate for Mexico's ancestral heritage.

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