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Experience the Unblemished Harmony of Coffee and Spirits with Mr Black Liqueur

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Experience the Unblemished Harmony of Coffee and Spirits with Mr Black Liqueur

Mr Black Liqueur is not just another spirits brand, it is a testament to the harmonious fusion of love for coffee and an undying passion for spirits. Unsurprisingly, their stellar brews are considered a revelation in the world of crafted spirits.

What is Mr Black Liqueur?

Born and brewed in Australia, Mr Black Liqueur is a marvellous mixture of pure Australian grain spirit and specialty coffee beans from the best growing regions. This award-winning brand is recognized for its cold brew coffee liqueur, a rich, intense liqueur with a robust coffee taste and a hint of sweetness. The brand is a toast to the high quality coffee grown on their home soil and the mastery of spirit distillation.

What is the history of Mr Black Liqueur?

Mr Black Liqueur had a rather modest start in 2013, spearheaded by distiller Philip Moore and designer Tom Baker. Their shared vision of creating a liqueur brand that celebrates their love for coffee and spirits led to the birth of Mr Black. Since its inception, the brand has carved its niche in the spirits industry, earning top honors in global spirit tasting competitions. Their commitment to quality over quantity, coupled with the meticulous selection of ethically sourced beans, remains the guiding force of their operations and distinguishes Mr Black from other conventional spirit brands. Read Less
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