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Novo Fogo Cachaça

A Spirited Dance of Tradition and Innovation

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A Spirited Dance of Tradition and Innovation

Brazil’s Novo Fogo Cachaça is a captivating fusion of heritage and ingenuity, where time-honored distillation practices tango with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and organic craftsmanship.

What is Novo Fogo Cachaça?

Born in Morretes, a coastal town in Brazil’s southern state of Paraná, Novo Fogo crafts premium cachaça, a distinctive spirit made from freshly pressed sugarcane juice. Novo Fogo’s range extends from unaged silver expressions to barrel-aged variants boasting a delightful array of flavors. The company blends Brazilian tradition with contemporary values, creating high-quality organic and sustainable products that honor both their origins and the environment.

What is the history of Novo Fogo Cachaça?

Founded in 2009, Novo Fogo hit the ground running with its unique “Zero Waste” philosophy, a commitment to the environment that incorporates every aspect of production, from the organic cultivation of sugarcane to the reforestation of native trees used for aging barrels. This eco-conscious ethos coupled with the distillery’s respect for traditional cachaça making methods soon gained Novo Fogo international recognition, establishing it as a frontrunner in the world of artisanal spirits. Despite its relatively short timeline, Novo Fogo has successfully positioned itself not only as a producer of superior cachaça, but also as an advocate for environmental sustainability and organic practices within the spirits industry. Read Less
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