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Powers Whiskey

Experience the Power of Tradition with Powers Whiskey

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Experience the Power of Tradition with Powers Whiskey

What is Powers Whiskey?

Powers Whiskey is an iconic brand of Irish Whiskey, widely renowned for its distinctive flavor and smooth drinkability. Hailing from Ireland, Powers Whiskey primarily produces Pot Still Whiskey, a unique style of whiskey found only in this region. The brand's collection includes a variety of offerings, each one a testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

What is the history of Powers Whiskey?

Established in 1791 by James Power, the Power's distillery rose from a small public house in Dublin to one of the world's leading whiskey producers by 1822. Over centuries, Powers Whiskey endured through world wars and prohibition, constantly adapting whilst remaining true to its heritage. Powers Whiskey's stories history is marked by innovation, including being the first distillery in Dublin to bottle its own whiskey. Today, the brand is part of the Irish Distillers group and continues its tradition of producing exceptional Irish whiskey. Read Less
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