Purity Vodka

Discover Purity Vodka: An Unmatched Fusion of Quality and Flavour

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Discover Purity Vodka: An Unmatched Fusion of Quality and Flavour

Purity Vodka stands out as a testament to the extraordinary power of craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of perfection. It isn't just different, it's a revelation, offering sippers a round, complex flavour profile not typically associated with vodka.

What is Purity Vodka?

Originating from Sweden, Purity Vodka is a premium spirit that redefines luxury. Crafted from organic winter wheat and barley, and distilled an astonishing 34 times, Purity Vodka provides a smooth, rich experience. It's a distillation revolution that has transformed the spirit industry, culminating in a spirit that embodies both elegance and a bold intensity.

What is the history of Purity Vodka?

Purity Vodka was established by master blender Thomas Kuuttanen to challenge the mass-produced vodkas of the world. Launched in 2002, it has quickly claimed recognition worldwide. The secret behind its success lies in its transformational distillation process, helmed at the Ellinge Castle in southern Sweden. This process, coupled with the ultimate selection of organic ingredients, has resulted in Purity Vodka winning an impressive collection of international awards, including the Vodka of the Year in 2011 and 2012 by The Spirit Business. Read Less
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