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Rhum J.M

Experience the Fusion of Authentic French and Caribbean Spirit with Rhum J.M.

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Experience the Fusion of Authentic French and Caribbean Spirit with Rhum J.M.

Rhum J.M. gives you unparalleled quality steeped in centuries-old traditions, producing exquisite rhum with a blend of refined French methods and vibrant Caribbean influences. The brand’s uniqueness lies in its dedication to preserving these techniques, resulting in an extraordinary spirit that embodies excellence.

What is Rhum J.M.?

Rhum J.M. is a distinguished producer of rhum in Martinique, an island known for its fertile soils and favourable climate which generate high-quality sugarcane - the prime ingredient in their rhum. Unlike the widely produced rum, Rhum J.M.'s specialty is rhum agricole, made directly from sugarcane juice instead of molasses. This gives their products a distinct, rich flavour profile that is marked by freshness and complexity. Rhum J.M. offers a range of products, including its white, aged, and vintage rhums, each meticulously crafted to represent the brand's robust sense of tradition and quality.

What is the history of Rhum J.M.?

The genesis of Rhum J.M. dates back to 1845 when Jean-Marie Martin, from whom the brand derived its name, started a sugarcane plantation on the fertile slopes of the Mount Pelée volcano in Martinique. Interestingly, Rhum J.M. is the only rhum producer located on the north side of the island, benefiting from its unique microclimate and mineral-rich volcanic soils. Over the generations, the brand has maintained its revered traditional processes, such as distilling fresh sugarcane juice within one day of being harvested. Throughout its history, Rhum J.M. has consistently stood out for making rhum agricole of unparalleled quality, a testament to its commitment to preserving the authenticity of the spirit.

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