Roku Gin

Experience the harmonious balance of nature with Roku Gin

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Experience the harmonious balance of nature with Roku Gin

Elevate your cocktails with Roku Gin's complexity and refinement that is unique to Japanese spirits. The use of six unique, locally-sourced botanicals, presents an expression of nature's seasons, making it a distinctive and versatile spirit.

What is Roku Gin?

Roku Gin is a product of Japan's renowned Suntory Spirits. This traditional yet innovative gin is a representation of Japan’s nature and four seasons. The brand utilizes six unique Japanese botanicals such as Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea, Gyokuro tea, and Sanshō pepper, which brings a distinct and authentic flavor associated with each season of the year. Alongside these, other classic gin botanicals like juniper, lemon peel, and cardamom are also used to provide a familiar gin profile.

What is the history of Roku Gin?

Roku Gin originates from Suntory, a company with rich heritage and history dating back to 1899. With the success in creating world-class whiskies, Suntory ventured into the gin market in 2017 with the launch of Roku Gin. Dedicated to creating a gin that embodies the spirit of Japan, Suntory uses a variety of production techniques such as copper pot stills, vacuum distillation, and bamboo filtration, further enhancing the integration of flavors from unique botanicals. The name 'Roku', which means 'six' in Japanese, is a tribute to the six Japanese botanicals used, each representing a different season, which brings to life the harmony of nature in every bottle.

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Roku Gin


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