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Rum-Bar Rum

Experience the distinct, vibrant essence of Jamaica with Rum-Bar Rum

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Experience the distinct, vibrant essence of Jamaica with Rum-Bar Rum

What sets Rum-Bar Rum apart is its richness and depth, a product of being aged without compromise in the lush, tropical climes of Jamaica. With its widely renowned quality and unique aging process, this brand guarantees an exceptional drinking experience, authentic in every way to the island's spirit-making tradition. It will transport you in an instant to the idyllic Caribbean shores, capturing a taste of the Jamaican rum culture in every bottle.

What is Rum-Bar Rum?

Rum-Bar Rum is a premium brand of authentic Jamaican spirits manufactured by Worthy Park Estate, one of the oldest estates in Jamaica. Established over 340 years ago in the heart of Lluidas Vale, this estate is globally recognized for its superior quality rums. Rum-Bar Rum is 100% pot still, produced from sugarcane grown on the estate itself. The product range includes Rum-Bar Silver, Rum-Bar Gold, and Rum-Bar Overproof, with each variant offering a unique flavor profile.

What is the history of Rum-Bar Rum?

Worthy Park Estate, the creator of Rum-Bar Rum, dates back to 1670 when it was gifted to Lt. Francis Price for his services to Cromwell during the English invasion and conquest of Jamaica from the Spanish. Since then, the estate has changed hands multiple times, witnessing history unfold while steadfastly preserving its strong commitment to creating high-quality rum. The creation of Rum-Bar Rum has added a new chapter to its rich legacy, expanding its horizons to global markets and earning numerous awards in the process. The estate’s enduring dedication to traditional rum-making techniques ensures that Rum-Bar Rum continues to be a reflection of the spirit and resilience of Jamaica.

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