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Smith & Cross Rum

Experience the Taste of Tradition with Smith & Cross Rum

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Experience the Taste of Tradition with Smith & Cross Rum

Not all rums are created equal and Smith & Cross Rum is a testament to this belief. Renowned for its traditional Jamaican pot still method and full-bodied flavoured profile, this spirit brand is a true exemplar of the artisanal approach to Rum-making, keeping up with the standards of Naval spirits. Dive into the rich and authentic taste of Jamaica with every sip!

What is Smith & Cross Rum?

A representative of one of England's oldest spirits producers, Hayman Distillers, Smith & Cross Rum is a Jamaican rum, celebrated for its robust and intricate flavor profile. Incorporating only Wedderburn and Plummer pot still distillates, known for their full-bodied and aromatic qualities, it constitutes an ABV of 57%, matching the British Royal Navy specification. The rum is a blend of approximately equal proportions of Wedderburn and Plummer, with the latter aging for a minimum of 3 years, highlighting the brand's commitment to quality and depth of character. It's the ideal selection for rum aficionados looking to explore traditional, non-commercial styles of the spirit.

What is the history of Smith & Cross Rum?

Inceptionalized by England's historic Hayman Distillers, a company with its roots tracing back to 1800's London, Smith & Cross Rum is associated with a rich history. It's named after the Sugar & Spirits merchants, Smith & Cross, from the 18th century, who were known for their dealings in Jamaica Rum and tropical fruits. The brand's respect for traditions is reflected through their rum-making approach, employing Jamaica's traditional rum styles that have become scarce in the market today. For over two centuries, Smith & Cross and its parent company have maintained their reputation for unsurpassed quality and meticulous selection and blending, ensuring that the rum lover's palate is treated to an impeccable balance of knowing complexity and candied satisfaction.

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