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Stranahan's Whiskey

Experience the Mountain Born Whiskey: Stranahan's

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Experience the Mountain Born Whiskey: Stranahan's

Distinguished by its high-altitude Rocky Mountain birthplace, Stranahan’s delivers spirits that are as unique as the environment they are forged. Its 100% malted barley composition and dedication to small batch production combine to offer a whiskey experience that is purely American yet entirely one-of-a-kind.

What is Stranahan's?

Stranahan's is a Colorado based distillery that has paved the way for American single malt whiskeys. It creates artisanal spirits, primarily whiskey, that persistently captivate enthusiasts and experts with their distinct flavors. The brand uses 100% malted barley and interprets the Scottish distilling techniques into a purely American context. Stranahan's ensures a meticulously curated whiskey creation process where each spirit is aged for a minimum of 2 years, resulting in the unique quality that sets the brand apart.

What is the history of Stranahan's?

Stranahan's was born out of a mutual appreciation for the Rocky Mountains and whiskey between two outdoor enthusiasts, Jess Graber and George Stranahan, in 2004. Fueled by the passion of preserving the Colorado outdoors’ spirit within a bottle, they set out to create the first self-proclaimed Colorado whiskey. They brought an innovative wave into the spirits industry by pioneering American single malt whiskey. Stranahan's breathes a modern spirit into an old craft, setting a high bar for distilleries to match. Read Less
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