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Suntory Whiskey

Experience the Soul of Japan with Suntory Whiskey

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Experience the Soul of Japan with Suntory Whiskey

Draw a sip of Suntory Whiskey and embark on an enlightening journey through the cultural sophistication and natural beauty of Japan. This masterfully crafted beverage brings together tradition and innovation, a characteristic that makes it stand distinct in the world of spirits.

What is Suntory Whiskey?

Suntory Whiskey, hail from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Exceptionally versed in crafting harmonious spirits, Suntory Whiskey encompasses a varied portfolio of award-winning beverages. From fruity and soft delicacies like Yamazaki and Hibiki, to the striking full-bodied flavors of Hakushu, Suntory Whiskey offers a palette of extraordinary taste and refinement.

What is the history of Suntory Whiskey?

Rooted in the values of Yatte Minahare (Never Stop Challenging) and Monozukuri (Dedicated to the Art of Making), Suntory Whiskey was born in 1923. Founder Shinjiro Torii built Japan's first malt whiskey distillery, Yamazaki, forging a path of discovery in the creation of Japanese whiskey. Through the years, Suntory has continuously strived in crafting the most refined whiskey, embodying a relentless quest of curiosity, sophistication, and Japanese artisanship.

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