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Featured Artisan: Ron Izalco

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Ron Izalco, a super-premium rum, was conceived of and crafted over several years, as a labor of love and passion.  The Ron Izalco story is the story of the relentless pursuit of excellence. 

It’s also the story of a remarkable individual who came to the United States, had a dream and put full heart and effort into achieving that dream.  

Karthik Sudhir, a man pouring rum into a glass at a festival.

Karthik Sudhir is originally from India.  He moved to the United States in 2005 with only $400 to his name. He worked hard to create a life for himself here, becoming quite successful as an executive at a software company.  But his true passion has always been spirits.

Karthik dreamed of doing something bigger, to leave his mark on the world as only he could.  So he founded Phenomenal Spirits, a new spirits company devoted to creating exceptional, best-quality products. 

A bottle of Ron Izalco Rum and the various award medals it has won.

Ron Izalco, has been a wild success. In 2018, as a yet-to-be-released rum, Ron Izalco 10-Year Aged Rum won gold at the most prestigious show in the world, the San Francisco Spirits Competition.  And it was a double-gold winner at the International Spirits Challenge and Masters of Rum by Spirits Business. It has already made waves in Europe, where people are discovering this new, delicious way of experiencing rum, and now it’s being launched across the US at Curiada.com.

As a super-premium rum, Ron Izalco is designed to be sipped and savored, as you would a fine cognac or Scotch.  

This isn’t how we typically think of rums, but then, Karthik and his company Phenomenal Spirits are anything but typical. 

Karthik has a fierce devotion to and relentless drive for excellence.  He brings this to his work in every way, and his spirits reflect that both inside and out.

Ron Izalco rum is created from a distinctive blend of the finest Central American rums.  We usually think of rums as being from the Caribbean, but Karthik’s commitment to excellence meant he looked far beyond the Caribbean to understand where the best rums are coming from today.  And to his surprise, all of the rums that met his criteria were being produced in Central America.  

So this is where he began in creating Ron Izalco. With a distinctive blend of rums made from sugarcane that is grown in the rich volcanic soils and tropical climate of Central America, this rum is aged in charred oak for 10 years, resulting in a delicious, top-quality spirit.

There is also a 15-year Ron Izalco expression, an even richer blend perfect for pairing with a fine cigar or desserts. Shop the always updating collection of Artisan Rum bottles available for order online. 

A bottle of Ron Izalco rum on a table next to a glass of rum, neat.

And Ron Izalco is just the beginning.  Karthik’s devotion to his craft has attracted other like-minded artisans. Next up for Phenomenal Spirits is a new-to-world Rye Whiskey. For this, Karthik has joined forces with Whiskey Master Blender Matt Wizig, who was at the helm of much-heralded Joseph Magnus Bourbon, a many-times awarded spirit that has had huge impact on the bourbon world in a very short time.  

The new, yet-to-be-named Phenomenal Spirits Rye will launch by end of year, and a distillery in Virginia Beach, VA is currently being built as their new home.  

We can’t wait to share Ron Izalco with you, where you can savor the excellent taste, and also appreciate the dedication and passion with every sip.  

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