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Timbal Vermouth

Experience the Harmony of Flavour in Spanish Bittersweet Elixir: Timbal Vermouth

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Experience the Harmony of Flavour in Spanish Bittersweet Elixir: Timbal Vermouth

Your taste buds deserve a fiesta. This is where Timbal Vermouth steps in - a Spanish spirit rich with heritage, known for its alluring combination of bitter and sweet, creating a symphony of flavours that will captivate you from the first sip.

What is Timbal Vermouth?

Originating in Spain, Timbal Vermouth is a venerated brand cherished for crafting unique, high-quality vermouth. Vermouth, an aromatised, fortified wine flavored with various botanicals, holds a prestigious place in the world of spirits. Timbal Vermouth distinguishes itself with its innovative recipes, providing a distinctive blend of bitter-sweet profiles in every bottle. It's an intriguingly versatile addition to your spirit collection, enjoyed straight or as the base in numerous cocktails.

What is the history of Timbal Vermouth?

The history of Timbal Vermouth is a journey that begins in the European heartland of vermouth production. The Timbal Vermouth tradition has been preserved and perfected over the last century. The brand is deeply rooted in Spanish spirit-making culture, specifically the concept of 'vermouth de grifo' (vermouth on tap). The experienced winegrowers and distillers at Timbal Vermouth have passed down their knowledge and skill through generations, steadfast in their commitment to quality, innovation and the perpetuation of Spanish vermouth refinement. With its rich heritage and insistence on excellence, Timbal Vermouth has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the world of fine vermouth and top-quality spirits. Read Less
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