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Mount Rigi Swiss Aperitif

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About Mount Rigi Swiss Aperitif

750ml & 40 Proof

A new, modern twist on the old-world spirit kirsch. Experience this bright, flavorful, and incredibly versatile aperitif liqueur. 

Use in all varieties of cocktails as you would an elderflower or maraschino liqueur. Or, true aperitif style, you can pair with tonic, sparkling wine, or beer for a light and fresh taste.

Tasting Notes

Soft and sweet on the palate, followed by mellow floral flavors with a natural citrusy finish

Suggested Serves

The Mount Rigi Story

Mount Rigi is named after the majestic mountain in the Swiss Alps surrounded by turquoise finger lakes fed with fresh glacier water. The mountain is known for its scenic views, its pure air, and its gentle sloping meadows filled with fragrant botanicals. 

Carefully selected natural botanicals from the Swiss Alps, complemented by elderflower, gentian, and rose, are married with high-proof kirsch, which has been reduced through the addition of pure Swiss water. The result is Mount Rigi, a new aperitif liqueur that brings a fresh taste to cocktails, spritzes, and more.

Kirsch is produced during the yearly June harvest of ripe cherries, which are mashed and fermented over the course of 4-6 weeks allowing the natural cherry aromas to flavor the alcohol. Copper pot distillation follows, resulting in a 70% ABV spirit.

This is then paired with the unique blend of Alpine botanicals that give Mount Rigi its delicious taste and proofed down using pure Swiss mountain water.  After several weeks spent together in steel vats Mount Rigi - Flavor of the Alps is born.

Mount Rigi was created by a Swiss father-son duo who worked in the US forest products industry. They would often speak with their colleagues and friends of their love of kirsch, a liquor traditional to Switzerland and the Alpine regions. Inspired by their appreciation and reverence for the spirit, the pair decided to craft a new aperitif spin on the traditional liqueur, something delicious and enjoyable for all.

Please drink responsibly. CA Residents: Proposition 65 Warning.

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