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Old Grand-Dad Bourbon

Step into the Unique Heritage of Old Grand-Dad Bourbon

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Step into the Unique Heritage of Old Grand-Dad Bourbon

Unwrap a bottle of Old Grand-Dad Bourbon and you are not just opening a fine spirit, you are stepping into a legacy of unique bourbon craftsmanship. Recognized for its high rye content, Old Grand-Dad offers a distinct flavor that separates it from the pack, a delightful surprise to even the most discerning Bourbon enthusiasts.

What is Old Grand-Dad Bourbon?

Nestled in the heart of Kentucky bourbon country, Old Grand-Dad Bourbon is well-known for its distinctive, spicy profile. Crafted with high-quality corn, rye, and malted barley, the brand is named in honor of Kentucky's very own bourbon aristocrat, Basil Hayden Sr. The family lineage behind this brand delivers spirits ranging from the classic Old Grand-Dad Bourbon, the bonded 100 proof Old Grand-Dad, to the silky smooth Old Grand-Dad 114. Each variant offers a unique exploration into the impactful complexity that high rye content delivers in bourbon.

What is the history of Old Grand-Dad Bourbon?

Established in 1840 by Raymond B. Hayden, Old Grand-Dad Bourbon proudly carries forward the legacy of distillation excellence inspired by Basil Hayden Sr. - the original 'Old Grand-Dad'. The iconic image of Basil gracing every bottle is a fitting tribute to his mastery in using high rye in Bourbon. Owned by the Beam Suntory company today, Old Grand-Dad continues to uphold its age-old tradition of high-rye bourbon-making, endearing itself to its patrons with its unique full-bodied flavor and rich history.

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